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New Bellevue Crossfit Gym Coming Fall 2013

Crossfit training in Bellevue, Washington

It's not a sales pitch. It is what we do.

Inspirational crossfit training
We inspire by setting the example ourselves, and then helping you set your own goals.

A crossfit gym that motivates
We encourage and support so you are motivated to do things you never thought yourself capable of doing.

Empowering Bellevue crossfit
Meeting and beating these challenges will redefine how you look, feel and perform physically. "Empowering" is about you becoming better.

free crossfit intro class Bellevue, WA Crossfit Workout of the Day
Why Kick Crossfit in Bellevue, WA?
Our trainers are capable of working with every level, from beginner to professional athlete. We are also skilled at working with a wide range of sports and activities. Whether you want to lose body fat, improve your power, prevent injuries or simply look and feel better, our trainers want to work with you. 
Many gyms are prone to injury. Either they leave you to your own, or the trainers push too hard. Both of these options tend to lead to injury. Crossfit Issaquah is conservative in its approach, until we know your capabilities. If you're new to Crossfit, haven't worked out for a while, or have aggressive goals, then Crossfit Issaquah is where you want to be.
Pre-hab / Re-hab
Knowing what little exercises to do BEFORE doing the big exercises is essential. And it's not just about warming up. It's about conditioning the body so it can do more the next day without breaking down. If you've already been injured, knowing what exercises to do that strengthen, and not aggravate, is just as important. We pride ourselves on working on beginner pre-habilitation and injury rehabilitation.

CrossFit Issaquah
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